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5 Perks of Assisted Living in Tallahassee Florida

August 31, 2021

Many family members find it challenging to transition someone they love into Tallahassee Fl assisted living.

Seniors today must make numerous decisions about where they will live, as different locations have different rates, and they may be apprehensive about living too far away from friends and family.

Independent living Tallahassee Florida-based is a good choice for seniors who can benefit from 24-hour assistance but are not entirely reliant. Here are five perks of moving into Tallahassee Memory Care facilities.

No Yard Work or Home Maintenance for Assisted Living in Tallahassee

Saying goodbye to yard work and home maintenance is one of the significant benefits of living in a senior community. Your monthly independent living Tallahassee fees cover all of these expenses. You could even be able to add housekeeping services to your package.

Pay One Fee for Majority Tallahassee Memory Care Expenses.

We're not going to lie to you and tell you that senior living communities are cheap. When you tally up your monthly living expenses, which include everything from cable and internet access to property taxes and entertainment, you'll find that skilled nursing facilities Tallahassee FL-located are more inexpensive than you imagined.

Most assisted living facility Tallahassee residents don't require a vehicle since practically everything they require is there, and a ride is provided to move about.

Tallahassee Assisted Living Has Numerous Nearby Amenities 

You'll want to consider the convenience as well as the cost savings of having so many activities you enjoy doing so near to home. On-site amenities include fitness classes, adult education, entertainment, and exquisite eating selections crafted by professional chefs.

You can locate a senior community that offers your favorite interests, whether hiking, cycling, golf, gardening, or weight training.

Meet New People at Assisted Living Facility Tallahassee

You'll meet other seniors who share your interests while you're out and about in your neighborhood doing what you love. If you've discovered that your friends have decreased, contemplate entering a choir, an exercise group, or a class to meet fascinating individuals your age at the facility.

Moving to Assisted Living Facilities in Tallahassee Florida While Healthy is Less Stressful

Selling a house and moving to assisted living facilities near Tallahassee can be distressing for seniors experiencing changes in their mental and physical health. Your children may bear the brunt of the burden of selling your property, as they are under pressure to accept an offer, so you may move.


Transitioning to Memory Care in Tallahassee

August 31, 2021

People don’t normally think about what might be needed to move a parent or elderly relative into memory care and assisted living in Tallahassee. Similar to how many folks don’t plan for their own funeral, the idea of transitioning a relative is foreign, abstract, and not connected to daily living - until it is. And, when people do try to engage at the last minute without good planning, mistakes happen with ramifications that can last years.

Planning and Coordination of Tallahassee Memory Care Make a Difference

Before any kind of transition to assisted living in Tallahassee Florida should occur, a good amount of planning and family coordination should happen first. A transition is a huge life change with a permanent outcome. Everyone in a family should be consulted so the move is not a surprise, including the relative to be moved first and foremost. Given the loss of memory that occurs, reminding the relative of the plan will be needed as well. It will be tough to go through the shock multiple times, but the effort will be worth the work.

Pack and Help the Move to Assisted Living in Tallahassee Occur 

Work with a relative to be moved and help them pack. Go through what makes sense to bring as well as what to let go of. No one ever wants to suddenly be packed up out of their home and moved without warning, especially when a home has meant so much to one’s life. Instead, help the relative with the packing process and spend time with them as they mentally adjust to the change. 

Personalize the New Home in Tallahassee Memory Care

A new Tallahassee FL assisted living location can seem foreign, even clinical. Focus on personalizing it as soon as possible. This will give the relative a sense of connection and adjustment to the change and new home to be far more than just suddenly showing up to a blank room. It might cost a bit more to have the room for a month or so while transitioning, but multiple visits and “moving in” can make for an easier time and process as well as less anxiety.

Post-Move Follow-up in Tallahassee FL Assisted Living

The move to assisted living facilities near Tallahassee is not over just because it’s physically complete. Transition to assisted living facilities in Tallahassee Florida takes months after first arriving, so expect to visit frequently to make adjustments, fix things, follow up on issues, and help the relative feel at home, that someone is listening to them and they were not just abandoned. Over time, dementia will continue, and the move will be a thing of the past, but in the immediate moment, it will matter. Presence can also help vent and release frustration as well as coax acceptance to the new location. 

At Westminster Oaks, we regularly help families transition from a relative to assisted living in Tallahassee Florida. We know the change is challenging, anxiety-inducing, and frustrating when done wrong. We want our new tenants to feel arrival is a new chapter, not a bad experience. So, we make a point to help families proactively with transition, starting first with the relative needing memory care the most. Call us to schedule a visit and find out more. We know our program can make a big difference in a challenging time in life for your family.


Signature Recipes To Enjoy This Summer

August 20, 2021

The Westminster Dining Services team brings you six of their Signature Recipes to enjoy with family and friends this summer! The delicious recipes include Florida Beef Sliders with Avocado Salad & Pickles, Shrimp Roll, Tomato Sandwich, Sweet Potato Wedges, Elote Salad and Florida Mango Bread Pudding. You can download the entire recipe book by clicking on the cover image or each individual recipe below.

Open the recipe (PDF)

Our Signature Florida Beef Sliders with Avocado Salad & Pickles

Our Signature Shrimp Roll

Our Signature Tomato Sandwich

Our Signature Sweet Potato Wedges

Our Signature Elote Salad

Our Signature Florida Mango Bread Pudding


How to Start the Discussion About Tallahassee Fl Assisted Living

July 31, 2021

Talking to your elderly parents about transitioning to assisted living facilities near Tallahassee is not an easy conversation to have. However, there are a few guidelines that can help you make the communication come across smoother and be more digestible.

Here are a few tips for beginning with when you need to speak with your aging parent about moving to assisted living facilities in Tallahassee Florida, and the way forward for your family.

Starting a Conversation for Transition to a Tallahassee Memory Care Facility

Do your research before initiating the conversation about senior care and build a list of your concerns for your aging parent—outline essential things like safety, health, and daily basic activities. If available, discuss the matter with other close relatives to obtain their viewpoint as well, but be as objective as you can. 

You might have questions regarding how memory care homes deal with crises and health problems like flu outbreaks. Most websites for assisted living in Tallahassee Florida, display notification of their safety procedures, or you can call to inquire.

Learn how critical their living situation is for seniors as your parent's mental and physical well-being depends on their environs. Learning the facts boosts the assurance and credibility you require to start the conversation. 

Let your parents know that the conversation is not to force them out of the home to help you make a more informed decision with them.

Tips for a Better Conversation About Tallahassee Fl Assisted Living

Following these suggestions will help you have a constructive conversation once you've learned more and felt secure in your ability to convey the options:

Have the Discussion Soon

Rather than waiting for a health catastrophe to push the subject, making this difficult decision early will help you all come to a conclusion and begin planning with far less stress

If at All Practical, Meet in Person

If you can get together and have a face-to-face discussion, that's fantastic. If not, use a video call, so you can at least see each other while talking. Moving from their home to an independent living Tallahassee home may cause your loved one anxiety, concerns, and objections. 

Learn More About Assisted Living in Tallahassee

Empathize with their emotions. This will demonstrate that you will honor their wishes. Also, stay away from information overload, and this will make the conversation about moving to skilled nursing facilities Tallahassee FL-based, much easier.


Homesick? How to Feel Right at Home in Tallahassee Independent Living Facilities

July 31, 2021

If you or a loved one are moving to independent living retirement communities near Tallahassee FL, you may experience a huge change in your life. One of the biggest changes that people feel upon moving is the feeling of being homesick. This is common as you are moving from a home and/or area where you may have lived for a long period of time. Fortunately, there are a few steps to take to help ease these feelings of being homesick and settle into your new home quickly. 

Visit a Few Times Before Moving Into Independent Living Facilities in Tallahassee FL

One of the best ways to minimize being homesick is to visit an independent living facility multiple times before moving. Take the time to learn where everything is within the community, get to know your neighbors, and get to know the staff. You will already feel comfortable and may already have relationships within the community prior to moving. This can help you to feel right at home on moving day. 

Bring Photos and Treasured Items With You to Independent Living Tallahassee FL

Another tip to help you feel at home quickly when moving to independent living facilities is to bring photos and treasured items with you to your new home. Having photos of your children and grandchildren, bringing along special mementos, and bringing along familiar bedding can make a new place feel more familiar and more like home to you. You have things that bring back good memories and will help to lessen any pangs of homesickness you may feel. 

Participate in Social Activities at Tallahassee Florida Retirement Communities

The final tip to help you adjust to your new Florida retirement community quickly is to be proactive and participate in social activities. Retirement communities typically plan out a multitude of activities for residents within their community. This may range from movie nights to game days to bus trips to a local casino or shopping center. Getting out of your room and participating will help you to meet new people and fill your time, helping to ensure you have no time to miss your old home. 

Easily Find Good Retirement Communities Near Tallahassee FL

If you are looking for a Tallahassee retirement community, Westminster Oaks would love to show you what we have to offer. We believe that being happy never gets old, and we strive to create a community where our residents have all of the tools to live a full and happy life. Reach out to us today to schedule a tour.


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