5 Great Reads for an Assisted Living in Tallahassee Virtual Book Club


Assisted living in Tallahassee, Florida, consists of all the amenities and services senior citizens are looking for. 

Whether you’re looking for a resource for independent living, assisted living, or ahead towards Tallahassee memory care, Westminster Oaks has all the amenities and services senior citizens could want. Still, aside from all the activities to enjoy, there’s time to sit down with a good book! Read on for a few of our top selections, which we think would make great picks for a virtual book club.

  1. Shy: How Being Quiet Can Lead to Success by Annie Ridout


At independent living facilities in Tallahassee, FL,, shyness and introversion are topics well worth discussing. Ridout says shyness is a gift, not a fault! Enjoy this read and share an intensive discussion on issues concerning vulnerability toward others.

  1. Libertie: A Novel by Kaitlain Greenridge

Historical Fiction

This story is based on the first black female doctor, Dr. Susan Smith McKinney. The tale follows a young girl who abandons science in favor of music during her pursuit of independence. It’s a historical fiction novel of post-Civil War American history. This release from Kaitlan Greenridge might be among the best!

  1. Shiver by Allie Reynolds


This book is great for a winter read for cozy evenings spent indoors. It’s a locked-door thriller featuring a snowboarder whose reunion in the French Alps goes horribly wrong. Mysterious novels with cold settings tend to make great page-turners – and the perfect source for book club discussion when everyone is racing to the end at once!

  1. We Shall Sing A Song into the Deep by Andrew Kelly Stewart

Science Fiction

Someone has a mission to trigger the second coming. When the time comes, a weapon will be ready. This science-fiction read can shake up your world as you start to remember The Hunt for Red October. If you’re a fan of imagining fantastical, futuristic worlds, this might be the perfect read!

  1. People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Harris

Contemporary Romance/Domestic Fiction

In Harris’ book, named by Newsweek as one of the most anticipated releases of 2021, two friends with seemingly nothing in common take one last vacation. Only now, clouds of secrecy hang overhead. Will the unlikely duo be able to fix the mistakes that haunt their relationship – and find love along the way? Read on to find out!

Extra time on your hands is best spent with an engaging book – so try out these 5 great reads when you take an afternoon to relax at your facility for assisted living in Tallahassee, Florida. 

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