Transitioning to Memory Care in Tallahassee


People don’t normally think about what might be needed to move a parent or elderly relative into memory care and assisted living facilities in Tallahassee. For many, the idea of transitioning a relative is foreign, abstract, and not connected to daily living – until it is. And, when people do try to engage at the last minute without good planning, mistakes happen with ramifications that can last years.

Planning and Coordination Make a Difference

Before any kind of transition to assisted living in Tallahassee, Florida should occur, a good amount of planning and family coordination should happen first. A transition is a huge life change with a permanent outcome. Everyone in a family should be consulted so the move is not a surprise, including the relative to be moved first and foremost. It will be tough to go through the shock multiple times, but the effort will be worth the work.

Pack and Help the Move 

Work with the relative to be moved and help them pack. Go through what makes sense to bring as well as what to let go of. No one ever wants to suddenly be packed up out of their home and moved without warning, especially when a home has meant so much to one’s life. Instead, help the relative with the packing process and spend time with them as they mentally adjust to the change. 

Personalize the New Home 

A new Tallahassee, Florida assisted living location can seem foreign or even clinical. Focus on personalizing it as soon as possible. This will give the relative a sense of connection and adjustment to the change. It might cost a bit more to have the room for a month or so while transitioning, but multiple visits and “moving in” can make for an easier time and process as well as less anxiety.

Post-Move Follow-Up

The move to assisted living facilities near Tallahassee is not over just because it’s physically complete. Transition to assisted living facilities in Tallahassee, Florida takes months after first arriving, so expect to visit frequently to make adjustments, fix things, follow up on issues, and help the relative feel at home – like someone is listening to them and they were not just abandoned. Presence can also help vent and release frustration as well as coax acceptance to the new location. 

At Westminster Oaks, we regularly help families transition a relative to assisted living in Tallahassee, Florida. We know the change is challenging, anxiety-inducing, and frustrating when done wrong. We want our new tenants to feel like arrival is a new chapter, not a bad experience. So, we make a point to help families with transition, starting first with the relative needing memory care the most. Call us to schedule a visit and find out more. We know our program can make a big difference in a challenging time for your family.

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