How to Encourage Seniors to Stay Involved with Their Community


As seniors prepare to move into assisted living in Tallahassee, they may worry about maintaining their independence. Encouraging your loved ones to stay involved with community activities will help them remain more independent and able to enjoy the benefits of assisted living. Community involvement is not only good for seniors, but it also helps communities grow stronger.

Assisted Living in Tallahassee: Ways to Keep Seniors Engaged

Verbal encouragement may not be enough to help seniors stay involved. It’s possible they do not have the resources, transportation, or knowledge needed to help in ways they once did. They may even believe they don’t have anything of value to offer. You can help them stay involved by arranging opportunities to volunteer or help with a community project on whatever level they are able.

Consider the following projects for fun and meaningful involvement.

Make Blankets or Hats for Newborns

Knitting and crocheting are still valued and useful art forms. If your senior knows his or her way around a skein of yarn, help connect them with an organization that makes items for newborns, hospitalized children, or others in need. While women of a “certain age” may be more likely to have experience with needlework, it is a fun and relaxing pastime that can help anyone feel more useful.

Assist at a Community Garden

Many seniors are excellent gardeners with plenty of green-thumb wisdom to share. Moving into an assisted living facility in Tallahassee may make it difficult to grow flowers and vegetables on the level they once enjoyed. Helping out at a community garden is a great compromise. It doesn’t require the physical demands of gardening alone, and seniors can help novice gardeners have more success.

Read to Children

Some local libraries, schools, and daycare programs welcome volunteers to read to children once or twice a week. Getting involved with a reading program not only keeps seniors active, but they also benefit from intergenerational interaction. Sometimes seniors in assisted living in Tallahassee have limited interaction — visiting only with staff and other seniors most days. Involvement with children of any age can help them stay engaged with current culture and trends.


Few seniors want to work five days a week, even if they are able. Volunteering can meet their needs for social interaction, variety in their schedule, and feeling like they still have something valuable to contribute.

Volunteers can typically choose their days and hours, so there’s no concern about scheduling interfering with other activities or responsibilities. Look for volunteer opportunities at churches, hospitals, libraries, and shelters.

Take Classes

There are many opportunities for seniors to continue their educations. Emeritus classes at community colleges are typically free or low-cost. Senior centers, libraries, and other community organizations may also offer a schedule of one-time or ongoing classes specifically geared toward the interests of seniors.

Get Involved and Stay Involved

After a lifetime of working, helping, and caring for others, the quiet life of retirement can soon become monotonous for many seniors. Enjoying the amenities offered at an independent or assisted living facility provides even more free time to fill. Community involvement offers opportunities for seniors to exercise their bodies and minds, pass on wisdom to future generations, and stay connected with current culture. 

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