3 Low-Maintenance Houseplants for Seniors Living in Small Spaces

Plants are a wonderful way to add life and personality to any living space. For seniors, plants can make a space feel more homey or comfortable. When living in their own home independently, a senior has more room for various plants. 

However, it is important to research which plants are most appropriate when seniors transition to smaller spaces — whether independently or through assisted living in Tallahassee. Read on to learn about three low-maintenance houseplants for seniors living in small spaces.

1. ZZ Plants

ZZ plants are native to Eastern Africa but have become popular houseplants all over the world because they can thrive in a wide range of environments. ZZ plants have shiny leaves that turn from lime green to emerald green as they mature. 

ZZ plant leaves are typically one to three inches long, making this a small plant that seniors can easily place on a windowsill, desk, or table. Finally, ZZ plants are a great low-maintenance option for seniors because they don’t need a lot of sunlight or water.

2. Cast-Iron Plants

Cast-iron plants are a perfect low-maintenance option for seniors looking for a decorative plant to fill out a corner or a foyer. Cast-iron plants grow lush leaves, so they are bigger than a table plant but small enough to fit in tight living quarters. 

Importantly, cast-iron plants require almost no light, so they do not have to be strategically placed near a window. Cast-iron plants are so easy to take care of that some experts even call them “indestructible.”

3. Snake Plants

Snake plants are succulents that are known for their vertical growth. Snake plants can grow from six inches to several feet tall and are perfect for small spaces since they do not grow horizontally. 

Snake plants can be potted in very narrow pots and require little water, so they are one of the most low-maintenance plants.

Snake plants have also become more popular in recent years because they come in a variety of sizes and colors. Snake plants can truly fit into any design scheme, as well as very small spaces.

Decorating Your Room in Assisted Living in Tallahassee

Tallahassee is a wonderful place for retirees of all abilities. Whether seniors simply want to enjoy the convenience of assisted living or need Tallahassee memory care or nursing care, there are options for everyone.

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