5 Fun Activities for Grandparents and Grandkids to Connect

The bond between grandparents and grandkids is an important one. Grandparents have wisdom and knowledge that can be invaluable to kids as they grow up. 

The age gap does not mean there has to be a gap in connection. There are endless activities that are age-appropriate for both seniors and kids. Here are five fun activities for grandparents and grandkids to enjoy together.

1. Make a Family Tree

Making a family tree is fun for family members of all ages. You can make a family tree from memory, and grandparents can help fill in the gaps and trace the history. For a more formal approach, you can also do some research together to find ancestors you never knew you had.

Grandparents will have fun tracing back their history and sharing stories, and kids will have a great time learning more about the family and relatives they never got to meet. 

2. Read Books Together

Reading is good for the mind and soul at any age. It also happens to be an activity that seniors and kids can enjoy together. Pick a topic or author in which both of you are interested and read the book simultaneously, or even take turns reading aloud. 

After you finish a chapter or the whole book, you’ll have something to talk about. Sharing your thoughts about the story or individual characters is a good way to bond and discover new things about one another.

3. Make a Scrapbook

Going through old and new photos is a great way for grandparents and grandkids to connect. Spend an afternoon sorting through old photos and explaining to kids their family history and what life used to be like before their time. 

You can also include baby photos of the grandkids and photos from the present day. Making a scrapbook together gives you something tangible to hang on to and can let you use your creative side.

4. Play Games

Playing games is a favorite pastime for people of all ages. Many mainstream games are easy to play and understand, so they are suitable for both seniors and kids. Games are a good way for kids to learn new skills and practice critical thinking. For seniors, games are a great way to keep their minds active. 

Games for grandkids and kids may include:

  • Cards
  • Marbles
  • Crosswords
  • Puzzles
  • Board games
  • Riddles
  • Digital games

Better yet, get the whole family involved and form a grandparent/grandkid team. There’s no better way to bond than being part of the same team in a game or competition.

5. Prepare a Meal

There’s nothing like passing down a family recipe to grandkids. Whether you are an avid cook or not, you can probably teach your grandkids a thing or two in the kitchen. Preparing a meal does not have to involve fancy cooking or complicated recipes. You can simply show your grandkids your favorite way to assemble a turkey sandwich.

Learning to cook is a lifelong skill that kids will need, and they’ll always fondly look back on memories of cooking with grandparents.

Connect with Grandkids in Tallahassee, FL, Assisted Living

Today, both assisted and independent living in Tallahassee, Florida, cater to spending time with family. From private spaces where you can host your grandkids to organized transportation, there are ample opportunities to spend time and connect with grandkids.

In addition, the services and amenities in Tallahassee, FL, assisted living can free up more time that can be spent with the grandkids, rather than focusing on daily chores and yard work. 

Regardless of the activity, grandparents and grandkids need to spend time together. Kids have busy schedules, but there’s no replacement for learning from and connecting with their grandparents.

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