Navigating the Transition: A Guide for Adult Children Seeking Care for Aging Parents

We know that taking on the role of finding the right living situation for your aging parents can feel like trying to solve a puzzle with a hundred pieces. But we’re here to help you put those pieces together for the picture of a beautiful tomorrow.

Let’s take a closer look at Westminster Oaks in Tallahassee, Florida. This community has a full spectrum of care; from independent living to skilled nursing, we’ve designed our programs for seniors to truly feel at home. As adult children take on the role of helping to determine care for their aging parents, it becomes imperative to find the right living situation to fit their loved ones’ unique needs and preferences.

Figuring Out the Right Fit

First thing’s first: understanding what different types of senior living mean. Independent living? It’s all about active seniors having their perfect living setup without worrying about mowing the lawn. Assisted living offers a helping hand with daily needs like meals and medications, while skilled nursing is there for those who need medical care 24/7. Westminster Oaks offers all these options, so it’s more about what suits your loved one best.

Discussing Finances

Next up is the financial side of things. How much does it cost? What are the payment options offered? Westminster Oaks offers different payment plans such as entrance fee plans and monthly plans, so there is something to fit everyone’s budget. A robust financial assessment will help identify the best strategy for your family and ensure that your parents can age in comfort without financial stress.

One payment plan Westminster Oaks offers is the entrance fee plan. Think of it like a one-time, upfront cost that guarantees your parents’ residence and care in the community. This is a common model for many Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs). The fee can depend on the size and type of the living accommodation your parents choose, and some or all of it might be refundable. Alongside the entrance fee, there’s usually a monthly service fee. This covers ongoing services like meals, housekeeping, transportation, and access to amenities and activities. The cost can vary based on the level of care your parents require. Remember, the goal is to make sure your parents can enjoy their golden years without financial worry.

Navigating the Emotional Side

When we talk about moving into senior living, it’s much more than just a physical move – it’s a significant lifestyle change, and that can bring up a few emotions with it. On one hand, your parents might feel excited about stepping into a new chapter of their lives. They’ll no longer have to worry about house chores or maintenance – those are taken care of at Westminster Oaks. Plus, the prospect of becoming part of a vibrant community can be a thrilling prospect. There’s a world of new social interactions, activities, and hobbies waiting for them to explore.

This is where the compassionate and experienced staff at Westminster Oaks steps in. They understand these mixed feelings and have helped many seniors navigate this emotional journey. They take the time to get to know each resident, understand their concerns, and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Quality of Care: Top of the List

The quality of care provided is a critical factor in choosing a senior living community. You want to know your parents are in good hands. Westminster Oaks prides itself in providing exceptional care that is personalized to each resident, whether they’re living independently, require assistance, or need skilled nursing.

In an independent living scenario, staff members are always on hand to provide help if needed, while still ensuring that residents can lead an active and independent lifestyle. In an assisted living setting, care can encompass help with day-to-day activities like bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and medication management. For those in need of skilled nursing care, Westminster Oaks provides round-the-clock medical attention and therapeutic services.

In short, the Westminster Oaks approach to care aims to provide peace of mind for you and a high-quality life for your parents. You can rest easy knowing they’re not just looked after, but they are truly cared for.

Living the Life at Westminster Oaks

Let’s not forget the fun stuff! Westminster Oaks had a heap of amenities to choose from. Starting with the fitness center, packed with all the equipment your parents might need to stay in shape, or if they just want to meet new people with the chance of possibly starting a fitness group. You aren’t just limited to the fitness center though; we also offer a pool where you can do laps or just cool off, the pool offers relaxation or exercise. For those who enjoy reading, our library is a real treat, it’s a quiet comfortable space where you can lose yourself in a good book or even join a book club. It’s one of the examples of Westminster Oaks lifelong learning opportunities.

And let’s not forget the social activities! These can range from organized events like game nights and craft sessions to informal gatherings among residents. There’s always something going on, making it easy for your parents to make friends and stay socially engaged. If you want to explore downtown Tallahassee, residents are a short trip away from all the attractions our city has to offer from museums and art galleries to shopping centers and restaurants.

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