How Does Restorative Nursing Help Seniors?


Restorative nursing is an ongoing treatment program that helps seniors stay active and independent as long as possible. If muscle aches, joint stiffness, or old injuries are limiting your enjoyment of the golden years, you may benefit from restorative nursing. 

Is Restorative Nursing the Same as Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation services such as physical therapy are effective for helping seniors regain their strength and function after an injury or illness, but they are not the same thing as restorative nursing.

Restorative therapies help seniors maintain and improve their ability to perform all of the necessary activities of daily living, also known as ADLs. Rehabilitation comes after an event, but restorative nursing is available (and useful) at any time. In many cases, restorative therapy will be recommended after rehabilitation is complete.

Can You Get Restorative Nursing in Assisted Living in Tallahassee?

Seniors living independently and those in assisted living facilities are eligible to receive restorative therapies. Any senior who is having difficulty with ADLs is a good candidate for restorative nursing. Restorative therapies are designed to help people maintain as much independence as possible no matter where they live.

If you are considering a move to one of the many skilled nursing facilities in Tallahassee, FL, ask about the restorative services they offer. 

The Benefits of Restorative Nursing

The progress you’ll see while receiving restorative therapy isn’t always immediate, but it is long-lasting, and it can have a big impact on your quality of life. Consider the following four biggest benefits of restorative nursing:

1. Improved mobility

Simple exercises used to improve flexibility and strength are a big part of any restorative program. Staying mobile, whether at home or in a skilled nursing facility, is one of the most important goals to focus on when aging.

2. Improved Independence

A restorative nurse takes the time to fully evaluate your needs and focus on the activities you need the most help with. Whether it helps with bathing or dressing, restorative therapy provides the tools you need to stay independent.

3. Increased Safety

By improving your balance and strength, restorative nursing reduces the chance of falls or accidents.

4. Better Mental Health

Many seniors report a confidence boost by participating in restorative therapy. Knowing you can take care of yourself and preserve your independence helps you to feel better on every level.

How Can Seniors Receive Restorative Nursing?

A nursing license is not required to provide restorative therapy, though some nurses may choose to work in the field. Restorative therapy is specialized care that may be performed by CNAs, nurses, therapists, and professional care providers who have been properly trained.

If you are still living at home, speak to your doctor or a care provider about receiving restorative therapy. When you have had a recent illness or injury, it may be recommended as part of your follow-up care.

Seniors residing in assisted living in Tallahassee should have restorative nursing available to them as part of their ongoing care. Talk to a member of the physical therapy staff to learn more about how restorative nursing can help you live more fully.  

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