Why Westminster Believes in Lifelong Learning


It’s always a good day to learn something new! At all of our Westminster communities, we believe in challenging your mind through creative ideas and improving your knowledge in engaging ways. Check out these benefits of lifelong learning!

You Can Learn Without Leaving Your Home

From art to history and everything in between, there’s something in the course catalog for everyone. At many of our communities, classes are held on-site and taught by professors, authors, and subject-matter experts — so a world of knowledge is right around the corner!

It Boosts Your Confidence

Knowledge is powerful! Learning can lead to improved self-perception, boosting confidence, and improving mood. When you learn new information, especially information you’re interested in, you feel successful and aware. Learning is highly rewarding!

It Keeps Your Brain Healthy, Too

Studies have shown that older adults who keep learning are less likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s — that’s why we believe continuing education can be beneficial in more ways than one! When someone is passionate about what they’re learning, their brain actually produces some of the same chemicals as falling in love.

There are more reasons than one to value a continued education! That’s why we offer exclusive opportunities for lifelong learning at our assisted living communities all across Florida — because happiness is having great choices!

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