Surprisingly Fun Spring Cleaning Ideas While Assisted Living In Tallahassee, Florida

Springtime means celebrating the change of season by relaxing at the beach, splashing around the pool, and… spring cleaning? No, really! Sure, the seasonal observance may sound like a chore. And perhaps in the past, it was. But from the comfort of your Tallahassee, Florida independent living home, it can take on an entirely new spirit — one that’s all about rediscovery, honoring your past, and celebrating where you are today!

When you call Westminster Oaks “home,” you can enjoy a truly maintenance-free living experience. That means the heavy lifting traditionally associated with spring cleaning — like trimming bushes or re-mulching your front yard — is a thing of the past. Instead, you can focus on the lighter, more fun side of this annual ritual.

Wondering how to do that? Just keep reading as we share a few creative ways to do spring cleaning from your Westminster Oaks abode.

Fashion Show With A Twist

It never hurts to have a fun excuse to do a fashion show — and a closet clean-up presents exactly that! Invite family over to help you look through old clothes and accessories, and take turns trying on looks from the different decades. From there, you can decide whether to keep your finds or give them to the next generation — because, after all, trends are so cyclical that you’ve probably got some very “in” pieces hiding in the back of your wardrobe right now!

Digitizing Memories

You can also enlist a loved one’s help in digitizing old photo albums, documents, and other keepsakes. This doesn’t require you to get rid of the physical mementos — after all, there’s something special about an old leather scrapbook that’s been passed down through the generations — but it allows you to protect them with an additional layer of safety, and makes it that much easier to share fun memoires with loves ones across the state, country, or globe!

Small, Stylish Changes

Craving a change for the season? You don’t need to completely revamp your living space to enjoy fun, stylish changes! Start slowly by swapping out small accessories or adding in a specific color or motif.

Crafting From Clutter

Old jars can be turned into charming flower vases, sentimental greeting cards can become one-of-a-kind wall art, and your favorite old t-shirts can be sewn into stunning quilts for yourself or a loved one! These are just a few fun ways that traditional “clutter” can take on a new life, if you’re a crafty person.

Culinary Clean-Up

Cookbooks and kitchen items are a common source of clutter — but they also help people gather together! Host a potluck or baking exchange and send your visitors home with different food-themed books and goodies. They’ll appreciate the meaningful memento, and you’ll be glad that your home is a little bit cleaner while still giving new to life to your time-honored recipes!

Show & Tell

Remember how much fun show and tell was as a kid? As you spruce up your surroundings, you’ll probably stumble upon items that come with interesting backstories. It’s the perfect excuse to host a storytelling evening with friends and family, where you share the history and stories behind your treasured finds!

When you rethink what spring cleaning can be, you open yourself — and your home — up to a new era of renewal and rediscovery. And that’s what spring is all about! We hope that these ideas help you get the season off to a fun start at your Westminster Oaks home.

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