Independent Living In Tallahassee? Here’s How To Celebrate National Reading Month

A new season means a time to turn the page — both figuratively and literally. That is to say, March is National Reading Month! This is the perfect time to rediscover the joy of reading, explore new genres, or revisit that beloved, well-worn novel that’s been hiding on your shelf.

Fortunately, from the comfort of Westminster Oaks’ state-of-the-art independent living in Tallahassee, there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate your love of reading — this month and beyond. Just read on as we share a few of our favorites!

Love Your Local Library

Do you remember walking into your local library or school media center as a kid? The seemingly never-ending shelves were like passageways to different worlds, satisfying your boundless curiosity — and inspiring you to ask even more questions with every turn of a page. This wonder still applies today! Why not celebrate National Reading Month by visiting Westminster Oaks’ on-site library, or checking out the libraries of the esteemed local universities we’re proud to partner with? Whether you’re just browsing, or are studying up for your Lifelong Learning course, a trip to the library is one of our favorite ways to spend an afternoon.

Join A Book Club… Or Start Your Own

Reading can be enjoyed solo, but it doesn’t have to be! Book clubs provide a great way to get connected with your fellow literature lovers, and can also expose you to new genres and author you might not have considered before. If you don’t know of a good book club, you can even start one yourself! It’s easier than you might think — especially as modern technology facilitates book clubs over video chat, connecting readers from across the state, country, or globe.

Set Up A Cozy Reading Nook

Your Westminster Oaks home is the perfect place to set up a cozy reading nook. This can be virtually any comfortable, well-lit corner of your space — but of course, we especially love the allure of a serene window seat where you can spend hours getting lost in a good book. Just add a comfy seating option and lots of pillows for total relaxation!

Make Reading A Routine

If reading isn’t already part of your daily routine, it might seem daunting to work it in — but quite the contrary! Even 15 minutes (or, say, a chapter) before bed can help you work your way through a great book, relax your mind for nighttime, and develop a powerful habit in the process.

Read & Reflect

If you want another creative hobby, pick up a journal and reflect on your reading! This is a handy way to track your interest in different authors and genres, and invites you to think critically about the themes and ideas you’re consuming — kind of like you might have done as a kid in school! You can even add a visual element with fun, scrapbook-esque collages. Who knew a book report could be so, well, fun?

Attend Local Events

Keen to take your love of reading to the next level? The best thing about this hobby is that it can fully enjoyed from the comfort of home — but if you’d like to mix things up, look for local events like author readings and book fairs that let you tap into the literary community in new ways!

Gift A Meaningful Book

There’s no gift quite as meaningful as a book you want to share with someone you love — especially if you autograph the inside as a special memento! The recipient won’t just to discover what you love about the text, but will also think of you every time they pick up the book in the future as well.

We hope that these ideas help spark your passion for reading — this month and all year long! Fortunately, when you call Westminster Oaks “home,” there’s no shortage of fun ways to connect with fellow literature lovers.

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