Trees, Please: Westminster Oaks’ Guide To Celebrating Tallahassee’s Wooded Vistas

Around this time of year, it’s hard not to appreciate the splendor of nature that surrounds us. As balmier spring temperatures settle across the country, nowhere looks quite as lush as the Sunshine State — and Westminster Oaks’ Tallahassee, Florida assisted living facility is a great example of what the state has to offer in terms of natural beauty. As the “Oaks” in our name might suggest, we take our love of foliage pretty seriously here!

Our abundance of tree-lined paths isn’t just beautiful to look at, of course. It boasts several benefits for the environment and for the people who call it “home,” too! Arbor Day may just be one day a year, but we want to celebrate spring, summer, fall, and winter — and then back to spring again! Just read on to see a few of our favorite ways to do that from the comfort of our one-of-a-kind community.

Take A Walk

Walking is widely regarded as one of the best exercises for people of all ages — so if you’re able, consider taking a stroll through Westminster Oaks’ suburban grounds and admiring the lush foliage as you go! According to the University of California: Berkeley’s Greater Good Magazine, studies have shown that spending time near trees comes with a wide array of benefits — from promoting the integrity of your amygdala (the part of your brain that handles stress) to potentially supporting your immune system, cardiovascular health, and much more. There’s an old saying about stopping to smell the flowers — but in our book, it’s just as important to stop and admire the trees, too!

Tree-filled views abound throughout Westminster Oaks, of course — so even if you’re hanging out at our resort-style dining, enjoying a grab-and-go picnic, or soaking in the view from your garden, there’s no shortage of ways to see the trees.

Leave The Work To Us

Fortunately, even with all those trees, you don’t have to put in the work needed to care for them! That’s because Westminster Oaks is a proud maintenance-free community. In other words, we want our residents to enjoy their time to the fullest — through things like connecting with friends, exploring nature, and pursuing hobbies they feel passionate about. Yard work isn’t on the to-do list!

Plant A Tree

With all of that being said, even if you aren’t planting a tree yourself, you can still do so virtually! The world can always use more trees, and there are several options for those who would like to contribute to the planet’s foliage. For example, the United States Department of Agriculture allows you to make a small donation in order to plant a tree in a beautiful national forest. You can do so just for fun, or in honor of a loved one’s memory or special day. When it comes to gifts, few are more meaningful than that!

Learn About Nature (& Much, Much More)

When you call Westminster Oaks “home,” you have access to one-of-a-kind educational initiatives through Florida State University’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute! We also have a welcoming library and computer center where you can pursue your own proclivities in a comfortable, connected environment. No matter how you learn, our Tallahassee community is a great place to pursue your interest science and plant life, enhancing your appreciation of our abundant trees in the process.

Visit A Local Forest

Want to take your love of trees to new heights — literally? The unique location of Florida’s capital city means you’re never far from a beautiful natural vista, such as Apalachicola National Forest — which just so happens to be the largest in the state. Who knew such a vibrant, teeming center of biodiversity could be found right around the corner from our cozy Tallahassee community?

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